CMP Chemical Mechanical Planarization Slurry

Barrier CMP Polishing Slurries

As Barrier CMP focus shifts away from early process development to yield enhancement and cost-of-ownership reduction, polishing slurries assume a critical role, influencing both performance and total system cost. Our new line of Sentinelâ„¢ slurries for Barrier applications are low-k and Ruthenium compatible and designed to meet broad technical requirements.

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CMC iCue B7000 Barrier CMP Slurry

i-Cue B7000 Series

CMC Sentinel B8000 Barrier CMP Slurry

Sentinel B8000 Series

CMC Sentinel B9000 Ruthenium Barrier CMP Slurry

Sentinel B9000 Series

Semi-SperseTM W2000


Semi Sperse w2000 Tungsten Slurry

Thank You for Choosing Semi-Sperse W2000 Tungsten Slurry

Cabot Microelectronics trusted for over 200 million liters of Semi-Sperse W2000 tungsten slurry provided to the semiconductor industry. We've reached this significant milestone because of our customers' confidence in CMC as the industry leader in tungsten polishing solutions.

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