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CMP Polishing Pads

Pads inspection2 245x137Our Epicâ„¢ D100 and D200 Series CMP polishing pads are based on proprietary material technology and a state-of-the-art manufacturing process designed to improve pad performance, lower the cost of ownership and provide superior quality. The Polishing Pads consists of a single polymer component and are produced in a continuous single-sheet manufacturing process. The materials and technology behind CMC's CMP polishing pads are extensively patented by Cabot Microelectronics Corporation by an international portfolio of patents.

The unique material properties of the Epic D100 and D200 Series polishing pads result in significantly lower wear rates compared to the industry conventional pads, without any adverse impact on CMP performance or process stability. As a result, Epic D100 and D200 Series pad life is longer than conventional CMP pads available today.

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CMC_D100_for_Cu_W_Al_and_SelectiveOxide CMC_D110_CU_for_Copper CMC_D120_STI_for_STI CMC_D150_W_for_Tungsten CMC_Pads_D200_Series CMC Pads Epic D260 Buff























CMC in Solid State Magazine

Chemical Mechanical Planarization For Metal-gate Integration

CMC's "CMP For Metal-gate Integration" article in Solid State magazine.

For over twenty years of IC manufacturing, the creation of planar device structures has required the use of technologies to reduce topographic variation. Chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) - pressing wafers into rotating pads in the presence of special slurry blends to produce removal through chemically amplified nano-scale abrasion - has become a critical part of modern IC fabrication. Click here to read the full article.