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Environment, Health & Safety 

Cabot Microelectronics Corporation is committed to improving our environmental, health and safety performance. We have a number of initiatives to improve performance.

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Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

It is CMC's policy to operate worldwide in a safe, responsible manner that respects the environment and protects the safety and health of our employees, our customers and the communities where we operate.

All CMC employees are expected to understand, promote and assist in the implementation of this policy and the accompanying principles.


  • We will provide a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, contractors, visitors, customers and the community.
  • We will relentlessly pursue an EHS incident-free workplace.
  • We will comply with and strive to exceed all applicable EHS regulations.
  • We will not compromise our EHS values for profit or production.
  • We will pursue pollution prevention, energy conservation and waste reduction to achieve environmental excellence.
  • We will measure and assess our performance in order to continuously improve.
  • We will communicate openly and honestly in all EHS matters.
  • We will be accountable for conforming with and demonstrating our EHS principles.

We will not compromise our safety, health or environmental principles. 

 Download CMC's Safety, Health & Environmental Policy

Cabot Microelectronics Receives Intel's SCQI Award for Second Consecutive Year

Cabot Microelectronics Corporation, announced that it was named as one of only eight companies receiving Intel Corporation's Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement (SCQI) award for its performance in 2013.  Cabot Microelectronics Corporation is recognized for its significant contributions in providing Intel with CMP slurries and pads, deemed essential to Intel's success. 

Read the press release.