Cabot Microelectronic Corporation strives to offer a competitive compensation package based on a pay-for-performance philosophy. The components of CMC's compensation may include:

Our compensation program is designed to attract and retain the talent needed to fulfill our corporate mission and vision.


Base Pay

Base pay is determined by the following factors:

  • Market pay for the job
  • Relevant education, skills and experience
  • Job performance compared to peers within the organization

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CMC currently offers two bonus plans for eligible employees.

Annual Incentive Program (AIP)

Innovative ideas, a commitment to results and living our values are what drive our success at CMC.   Employees at CMC work to contribute ideas, advance innovation and consistently endeavor to impact our results.   The Annual Incentive Program (AIP) is designed to reward employees for their efforts towards CMC's success in growing our business profitability with innovations in business and technology. The AIP is an important portion of CMC's total compensation because employees can help determine the outcome.

With the exception of those employees who are eligible to participate in the Sales Incentive Program, all CMC employees are eligible to participate in the AIP.

Sales Incentive Program (SIP)

Employees within CMC's sales organization are eligible to participate in the SIP. The Sales Incentive Program (SIP) is designed to reward employees for their efforts toward driving continuous, aggressive success and revenue growth. One of CMC's most important goals is to drive profitable business growth. Through excellent customer relationship management, strong technical engagement and effective voice of customer input, employees can play a key role to ensure we maximize our ability to capitalize on new opportunities and revenue growth.

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Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)

CMC employees have the opportunity to participate in the Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) and become a shareholder in the company through payroll deductions. This is an opportunity to purchase CMC stock at a favorable price not available to non-employee investors.

Omnibus Incentive Plan

Based on nominations from CMC's Leadership Team and upon the approval of the Board of Directors, CMC grants equity awards to a certain percentage of our employees on an annual basis. All employees are eligible to receive equity.  Equity grants may include the following:

  • Restricted Stock – CMC issues CMC stock to employees once vesting requirements are satisfied. The value to the employees is based on the market value of CMC stock on the vesting date.
  • Restricted Stock Units – Restricted stock units represent an agreement by CMC to issue shares of CMC stock to employees once vesting requirements are satisfied. The value to the employee is based on the market value of CMC stock on the vesting date.
  • Non-Qualified Stock Options – Is the right to purchase a certain amount of CMC stock at a set price during a specified time period once all vesting requirements are satisfied.

Cabot Microelectronics Corporation's stock is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange as Cabot Microelectronics (CCMP). Click to visit CMC's Investor Relations pages

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Featured Opportunities


SH&E Specialist

The Safety, Health and Environmental Specialist under general supervision, will be responsible for the overall SH&E program and process for Cabot Microelectronics’ U.S. based production facility located in Aurora, Illinois. The person will also be responsible for the Global Training Program. The specialist will provide technical support and guidance to the Corporate SH&E global team and when needed provide SH&E global support.  >> Learn more

Polymer Scientist

The Polymer Scientist will conduct basic and applied research within Cabot Microelectronics Corporation's Pads initiative and will focus on polymer material selection, creating new materials suitable for Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) pads. The candidate is required to have solid knowledge base on polymer chemistry, polymer characterization and polymer processing.    >> Learn more

Research Scientist - Analytical Characterization

The Research Scientist - Analytical Characterization will play an integral role in providing solutions to product development challenges in support of research and commercialization of high-performance CMP Polishing Slurries used in the production of advanced semiconductor devices, enabling the manufacture of smaller, faster and more complex electronic devices.  >> Learn more

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