Epic D200 Series

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Epic™ D200 Series CMP Polishing Pad - Tunability for Advanced Node Applications

The Epic D200 Series CMP polishing pads is for all polishing applications. The Epic D200 platform has a tunable resin hardness, pore size and porosity to meet the demanding need for advanced node applications. The D200 polishing pad is based on proprietary material technology and a state-of-the-art continuous manufacturing process designed to improve pad performance, lower the cost of ownership and provide superior quality. Customers in high-volume manufacturing have validated better polishing performance, especially lower defectivity and longer pad life compared to conventional soft pads.


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High Performance.  Improved Performance, Tool Uptime and Potentially Higher Yield. 

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Lower Cost of Ownership.  Superior defect performance and pad life throughput. 

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High Quality.  Superior lot to lot consistency.  Rigorous defect and planarity requirements. 

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Ease of Adoption.  Tunable resin hardness, pore size and porosity to meet the demanding need for advanced node applications.

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Epic D200 Series Products

Our Epic D200 Polishing Pads are available for the following applications:

Epic CMP Polishing Pads


  Epic D200

 Barrier, Copper, Oxide (selective + ILD), Aluminum and TSV

  Epic Buff Pad

 Buff Applications




All Features

Improved Performance, Tool Uptime and Potentially Higher Yield


  • Lower defectivity than conventional soft polishing pads
  • The only soft pad with end point detection FullVision readily available


Lower Cost of Ownership


  • Best-in-class defectivity: Ultra low-defect
  • Longer pad life


Superior Quality


  • Consistency through continuous manufacturing process
  • Quality checkpoints in place for every raw material, as well for each step of the process
  • Developed, manufactured and tested using Six Sigma methodology
  • Leak-free windows (100% tested)
  • Each polishing pad is tested on line for all grooves (depth, pitch and width)


Ease of Adoption and Extendibility


  • Available in various configurations, including ISRM, FullVision™ and RTPC windows, designs and sizes (up to 43")
  • Applications support provided globally for qualification and performance optimization
  • Post-polish analysis support available to all customers globally


CMC in Solid State Magazine

Chemical Mechanical Planarization For Metal-gate Integration

CMC's "CMP For Metal-gate Integration" article in Solid State magazine.

For over twenty years of IC manufacturing, the creation of planar device structures has required the use of technologies to reduce topographic variation. Chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) - pressing wafers into rotating pads in the presence of special slurry blends to produce removal through chemically amplified nano-scale abrasion - has become a critical part of modern IC fabrication. Click here to read the full article.