CMP Semiconductor

EPOCHTM TSV-N1000 Series Nitride Slurry

CMC TSV N1000 Nitride CMP Slurry

Product Summary

EPOCH TSV-N1000 Series is Cabot Microelectronics' new offering for TSV nitride polishing. It provides high throughput offering with low defectivity, high silicon nitride rate and tunable oxide selectivity. Formulated as a tunable platform to meet a wide range of TSV integration design requirements.

Features & Benefits

Low Cost of Ownership

Formulated as a 3X concentrated slurry to achieve low point-of-use cost

Improved Product Yield

Customized removal rate slurries resulting in better product yield

Customized Platform

Selectivity, especially nitride to oxide selectivity, can be adjusted to meet specific integration requirements

Improved Product yield

High dilution up to 3X with excellent final topography, wide over-polish window and low defectivity resulting in better product yield

Semi-SperseTM W2000


Semi Sperse w2000 Tungsten Slurry

Thank You for Choosing Semi-Sperse W2000 Tungsten Slurry

Cabot Microelectronics trusted for over 200 million liters of Semi-Sperse W2000 tungsten slurry provided to the semiconductor industry. We've reached this significant milestone because of our customers' confidence in CMC as the industry leader in tungsten polishing solutions.

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