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iDIEL™ D3500/D4500 Series Slurries

CMC D3500 D4500 BulkOxide Dielectric CMP Slurry

Product Summary

iDIEL D3500/D4500 Series is our next generation of fumed silica products. It incorporates enhancements in silica and dispersion process to reduce defects and trace metals and improve slurry stability.


 Features & Benefits

 Improved Product Robustness

  • Lower LPC and trace metal levels resulting in significantly lower defects and better product yield
  • Formulated with enhanced fumed silica particles, to improve lot to lot variability, product quality and stability

Robust Alternative for ILD Applications

  • Alternative family of fumed silica products for ILD applications. Removal rate and non-uniformity are comparable to SS25E with improved defectivity and robustness

Ease of Use

  • Colloidally stable formulation that is easy to dilute, mix, filter and handle


Semi-SperseTM W2000


Semi Sperse w2000 Tungsten Slurry

Thank You for Choosing Semi-Sperse W2000 Tungsten Slurry

Cabot Microelectronics trusted for over 200 million liters of Semi-Sperse W2000 tungsten slurry provided to the semiconductor industry. We've reached this significant milestone because of our customers' confidence in CMC as the industry leader in tungsten polishing solutions.

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