iDIEL D3500/D4500 Series

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iDIELâ„¢ D3500/D4500 Series Slurries

CMC D3500 D4500 BulkOxide Dielectric CMP Slurry

Product Summary

iDIEL D3500/D4500 Series is our next generation of fumed silica products. It incorporates enhancements in silica and dispersion process to reduce defects and trace metals and improve slurry stability.




Features & Benefits

Improved Product Robustness

  • Lower LPC and trace metal levels resulting in significantly lower defects and better product yield
  • Formulated with enhanced fumed silica particles, to improve lot to lot variability, product quality and stability

Robust Alternative for ILD Applications

  • Alternative family of fumed silica products for ILD applications. Removal rate and non-uniformity are comparable to SS25E with improved defectivity and robustness

Ease of Use

  • Colloidally stable formulation that is easy to dilute, mix, filter and handle

















CMC in Solid State Magazine

Chemical Mechanical Planarization For Metal-gate Integration

CMC's "CMP For Metal-gate Integration" article in Solid State magazine.

For over twenty years of IC manufacturing, the creation of planar device structures has required the use of technologies to reduce topographic variation. Chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) - pressing wafers into rotating pads in the presence of special slurry blends to produce removal through chemically amplified nano-scale abrasion - has become a critical part of modern IC fabrication. Click here to read the full article.

iDIELâ„¢ D7200 Series

iDIEL D7200 Series is Cabot Microelectronics' new offering for bulk oxide polishing.

  • Ultra Low Defectivity
  • High Removal Rate
  • Excellent Uniformity
  • High Purity Engineered Ceria Particles
  • Shear Tolerant

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