Sentinel B9000 Series

Wafer CMP Semiconductor

Sentinel B9000 Series Ruthenium Barrier Slurry

CMC Sentinel Ruthenium Barrier B9000 CMP Slurry

Product Summary

Sentinel B9000 Series is Cabot Microelectronics' newest Ruthenium CMP slurry. It provides high to medium selectivity of CVD/ALD deposited ruthenium to oxide without any galvanic corrosion. This formulation is compatible with copper and tantalum.



Features & Benefits 

Compatible to Other Metals

Compatible to copper and tantalum with no corrosion.

Competitive Cost of Ownership

High ruthenium removal rate results in higher through-put and lower cost of ownership.

Tunable Slurry for Multi-application Use       

Removal rate of ULK can be adjusted from moderate to low by proprietary additives to meet specific integration designs. Can be used for stop-on low-k or stop-in low-k application.

Ease of Use

Colloidal stable formulation that is easy to mix and handle.





CMC in Solid State Magazine

Chemical Mechanical Planarization For Metal-gate Integration

CMC's "CMP For Metal-gate Integration" article in Solid State magazine.

For over twenty years of IC manufacturing, the creation of planar device structures has required the use of technologies to reduce topographic variation. Chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) - pressing wafers into rotating pads in the presence of special slurry blends to produce removal through chemically amplified nano-scale abrasion - has become a critical part of modern IC fabrication. Click here to read the full article.