Wafer CMP Polishing


WIN™ W7500 Series Slurry

CMC W7500 Tungsten CMP Slurry

Product Summary

The WIN W7500 Series is Cabot Microelectronics' new low-cost offering for tungsten bulk polishing. The WIN W7500 platform includes precipitated colloidal silica particle to provide excellent planarization performance, low defectivity and tunability at a significantly competitive cost of ownership than current leading-edge products.

Features & Benefits

Lower Cost of Ownership

  • Formulated as a concentrated slurry to reduce shipping and handling cost and to achieve lower point-of-use cost.

Improvement in Product Yield

  • > 80% reduction in defectivity (as compared to W2000).
  • > 80% reduction in erosion and elimination of edge-over-erosion (as compared to W2000) to meet the requirements of advance technology nodes.

Robust Process Control

  • Excellent over-polish window to meet the requirements of a variety of integration designs.

Tunability Performance for Advance Technology Nodes

  • Tungsten/PETEOS removal rates are tunable to meet the requirements for advanced technology nodes.

Ease of Use

  • Colloidally stable formulation that is easy to mix, filter and handle.

Semi-SperseTM W2000


Semi Sperse w2000 Tungsten Slurry

Thank You for Choosing Semi-Sperse W2000 Tungsten Slurry

Cabot Microelectronics trusted for over 200 million liters of Semi-Sperse W2000 tungsten slurry provided to the semiconductor industry. We've reached this significant milestone because of our customers' confidence in CMC as the industry leader in tungsten polishing solutions.

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