Business Strategy

Business Strategy

Our primary strategy is to strengthen and grow our core CMP consumables business. For example, we have expanded our total addressable market by approximately 40 percent by entering into the CMP polishing pad market, and we have strengthened our copper CMP slurry position through our acquisition of Epoch Material Co., Ltd. We are also looking to advance our Engineered Surface Finishes business by expanding our polishing expertise into new markets, such as optics and prime wafer polishing.

Strengthen and grow core CMP consumables business

Utilizing a balanced approach to the execution of our strategies, we create value for our customers and shareholders.  >> Learn More

Engineered Surfaces Finishes (ESF) business

Beyond our core CMP consumables and polishing pad expertise, Cabot Microelectronics provides state-of-the-art equipment and services for precision finishing and fabrication for a wide range of industries through our Engineered Surface Finishes business.  >> Learn More