Variation Management


Variation Management

Cabot Microelectronics strives to deliver high-quality products that result in consistent performance for our customers. Minimizing variation in our products, processes and raw materials is critical to achieving this goal. Our variation reduction processes and projects protect customers from product variation.

Variation Reduction Program

The variation reduction program focuses on implementing and improving quality-related processes that protect customers from product variation and on identifying and reducing sources of product variation. This includes rigorous use of statistical process control (SPC), a robust change management process, strong supplier management and a Six Sigma culture that strives to eliminate variation.

Trend Data

Cabot Microelectronics has a data-driven quality culture, and we use various metrics to indicate our variation reduction performance and to identify areas in need of improvement. These metrics are reviewed regularly and may change somewhat from year to year, depending on areas in need of focus. Typical metrics include the SPC out-of-control (OOC) rate, product defects per million opportunities (dpmo), off-quality rate, customer scorecards and complaints, and supplier performance metrics.