Our Offerings

Advanced Chemical Mechanical Polishing Solutions

Our products play a critical role in the production of advanced semiconductor devices, enabling the manufacture of smaller, faster and more complex devices by our customers. Our vision is to be the trusted industry partner, providing high-quality solutions with speed and delivering superior cost of ownership. We offer a variety of Chemical Mechanical Polishing solutions to the semiconductor industry.

Our Offerings

CMP Slurries

As a pioneer in chemical mechanical planarization CMP slurries, Cabot Microelectronics commercialized our original Semi-Sperse™ products in the 1980s for 250nm applications. With continuous improvement of some of these slurries, enhanced versions are still in use and key to our customer solutions today, such as our flagship Semi-Sperse W2000 product for tungsten CMP.

Over the years, we have successfully introduced a number of new CMP slurry platforms to meet our customers’ evolving CMP needs, while reducing overall cost of ownership. For example, our portfolio of iDIEL™ dielectrics slurries utilizes engineered particles and unique chemistries to achieve improved planarity while significantly reducing defectivity.   Learn More

CMP Polishing Pads

Our Epic™ and NexPlanar™ pads enable us to deliver a broad range of CMP polishing pad solutions, including performance-differentiated slurry and pad consumable sets.

Purchasing decisions are driven by specific CMP application and cost of ownership requirements. Our Epic thermoplastic polyurethane technologies and NexPlanar thermoset polyurethane technologies, offer a more compelling overall value proposition. Cabot Microelectronics’ pad solutions deliver the very latest in modern chemistry and technology advances – to provide the right hardness, pore sizes, compressibility, and groove patterns that match the requirements of CMP applications, and provide optimal cost of ownership. Learn More

Engineered Surface Finishes

Through our Engineered Surface Finishes businesses, we provide a number of precision polishing products, services and equipment across a range of industries.  For example, we sell automated polishing and metrology systems, which enable rapid, deterministic and repeatable surface correction for the most demanding precision optics applications. Learn More