CMP Polishing Pads

CMP Polishing Pads

Cabot Microelectronics Corporation is the second largest supplier of CMP polishing pads, under the Epic™ and NexPlanar® brand names, for a wide range of applications and technology nodes.

Epic™ CMP polishing pads

Our Epic CMP polishing pads are the result of extensive research and development by CMC to deliver best-in-class performance at advanced technology nodes, quality improvements and optimal cost of ownership. Cabot Microelectronics designed and developed a patented thermoplastic technology for continuously manufacturing CMP pads. This unique, continuous manufacturing process has attracted many customers, as it has proven to successfully reduce pad-to-pad variation.

NexPlanar® CMP polishing pads

Our NexPlanar CMP polishing pads use proprietary formulation and fabrication methods – the very latest in modern chemistry and technology advances – to provide the right hardness, pore sizes, compressibility and groove patterns that match the requirements of your CMP applications. Molded grooves eliminate the sharp edges and burrs, which results in improved defectivity.  Our NexPlanar pads also enable the low-stress CMP processing required for even the most advanced applications.  Our diverse line of advanced pad solutions compete on product performance, speed of iteration and lower cost of ownership, by reducing variability and improving yields.

Broad Range of CMP Technologies

Integrated circuit manufacturers have differing needs, driven by their specific CMP applications and the life cycle of their products.  The combination of our Epic and NexPlanar pad lines enables us to offer a variety of pads, as well as, slurry and pad consumable sets that will meet the needs of your most demanding applications. At the same time, our pads products offer integrated competitive solutions for the more conventional technologies.