Epic Polishing Pads

Epic™ CMP Polishing Pads

Our Epic™ CMP polishing pads are the result of extensive research and development by CMC to deliver best-in-class performance at advanced technology nodes, quality improvements and optimal cost of ownership. Cabot Microelectronics designed and developed a patented thermoplastic technology for continuously manufacturing CMP pads. This unique, continuous manufacturing process has attracted many customers, as it has proven to successfully reduce pad-to-pad variation.

Integrated circuit manufacturers have differing needs, driven by their specific CMP applications and the life cycle of their products.  The Epic D100 manufacturing process is flexible enough to allow the customization of our polishing pads and, as a result, the product portfolio now includes CMP polishing pads for all applications.

Our next generation Epic D200 CMP polishing pad has best-in-class defectivity with tunable resin hardness, pore size and porosity in order to meet the demanding need for advanced node applications.