Epic D100 Series

Epic D100™ Series CMP Polishing Pads

Our Epic™ D100 Series CMP polishing pads are based on proprietary material technology and a state-of-the-art manufacturing process designed to improve pad performance, lower the cost of ownership and provide superior quality. The Polishing Pads consists of a single polymer component and are produced in a continuous single-sheet manufacturing process. The materials and technology behind CMC’s CMP polishing pads are extensively patented by Cabot Microelectronics Corporation by an international portfolio of patents.

CMP Polishing Pads

The unique material properties of the D100 Series CMP polishing pads result in exceptional polishing performance compared to industry conventional pads, without any adverse impact on CMP process stability.  Customers in high-volume manufacturing have validated better polishing performance, especially lower scratch defectivity, than conventional pads for multiple applications.


The New Industry Standard for…

Orange_Product_Arrow2 Lower defectivity than conventional polishing pads.

Orange_Product_Arrow2 Longer pad life (1.3X to 2.5X vs. conventional pads).

Orange_Product_Arrow2 Ease of Adoption and Extendibility.