Epic D200 Series

Epic™ D200 Series CMP Polishing Pad

Tunability for Advanced Node Applications

The Epic D200 Series CMP polishing pad is for all polishing applications. The Epic D200 platform has a tunable resin hardness, pore size and porosity to meet the demanding need for advanced node applications.

CMP Polishing Pad

The D200 polishing pad is based on proprietary material technology and a state-of-the-art continuous manufacturing process designed to improve pad performance, lower the cost of ownership and provide superior quality. Customers in high-volume manufacturing have validated better polishing performance, especially lower defectivity and longer pad life compared to conventional soft pads.


Orange_Product_Arrow2 Excellent Stability

Orange_Product_Arrow2 Good Planarization

Orange_Product_Arrow2 Best-in-class defectivity: Ultra low-defect

Orange_Product_Arrow2 Longer pad life