NexPlanar Polishing Pads

PadQuadNexPlanar® Advanced Pad Technology

Our NexPlanar® polishing pads start with state of the art materials and formulations, resulting in superior characteristics. We precision-mold our NexPlanar pads individually with in-situ grooves that have uniform, high integrity wall profiles.

Better Technology Makes NexPlanar Pads Superior

NexPlanar pads stand alone at the top of the CMP market because they are made with

Orange_Product_ArrowVersatile urethane pad formulations

Orange_Product_ArrowMolded, in-situ grooves

Orange_Product_ArrowRepeatable proprietary manufacturing process


E7000/E6000 Series Hard Polishing Pads
U5000 Series Mid Hard Polishing Pads
E9000 Series Soft Polishing Pads


Orange_Product_Arrow High rate and easy to condition

Orange_Product_Arrow Lower defectivity than conventional polishing pads

Orange_Product_Arrow Proprietary in-situ grooving for reduced defectivity

Orange_Product_ArrowDifferentiated grooving pattern for tunable performance