Emerging Applications

Emerging CMP Applications

To meet the ever-increasing demands for higher computing performance, semiconductor device manufacturers have traditionally scaled down IC devices using existing materials. Many of these IC device designs and materials are approaching their physical limitations for further advancements. To enable next-generation computing performance, there is a need to innovate new device structures and integration schemes and introduce new materials. Cabot Microelectronics is committed to technical leadership and is actively partnering with leading-edge IC device manufacturers to develop solutions to enable tomorrow’s technology. Our dedicated team of emerging CMP applications scientists supports leading-edge customers from proof of concept through scale up to high-volume manufacturing.

Chemical Mechanical Planariztion CMP Applications

CMC expects emerging material applications to grow significantly over the next several years. As such, we are working diligently with many new materials for leading-edge chemical mechanical polishing. Please contact CMC for further information on additional emerging material applications.