Dielectric/Advanced Dielectric CMP Polishing Slurries

We introduced the first slurries for chemical mechanical planarization of inter-layer dielectric (ILD) materials in the early 1980s with systems consisting of high-purity fumed silica abrasives. We remain committed to continuously improving this system, making it extendible to leading-edge devices. At the same time, Cabot Microelectronics continues to develop a portfolio of innovative new products for polishing dielectric layers. With new discoveries such as patented rate control chemistry, selective deceleration additive and tunable slurries, we believe our next-generation products will offer significant benefits to end users. These benefits include improved planarity, reduced defect creation and reduction in cost of ownership.

Featured New Dielectric Slurry

Innovation + Collaboration: D9228

Switch to D9228 and see the positive difference. +

Our new iDIEL D9228 slurry is the next generation colloidal silica-based slurry for bulk oxide applications that utilizes proprietary, ultra-pure colloidal silica particles with precisely engineered surface chemistry.  >> Learn More