Data Storage

Data Storage CMP Polishing Slurries

Cabot Microelectronics’ unique slurry formulations play a critical role in providing a new level of performance and cost benefit to manufacturers of rigid disks and magnetic heads, two critical components of the disk drive.

CMP Wafer Rigid Disk

Rigid Disk CMP Slurries

CMC’s Rigid Disk slurries are specially formulated to planarize Ni-P and glass substrates to an ultra low roughness and defects.  Our Magnetic Head slurries are capable of polishing multi-materials in a single step, with tunable selectivity to meet stringent surface topography planarization requirements.

Our solutions have enabled rapid industry-wide transition to high-density PMR disk drives and are currently used by leading-edge disk drive customers in high-volume manufacturing.

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  • 1st Step Aluminum
  • 2nd Step Aluminum
  • 2nd Step Glass

Lustra™ F5000 Series – Hybrid (Tri-Abrasive)


Lustra™ F8000 Series – Silica Only


Lustra™ L9000 Series


Transele™ G2000 Series


Magnetic Heads CMP Slurries

CMC offers a variety of Magnetic Heads slurries to meet leading edge customers’ surface topography planarization and final thickness control requirements. Our products offer multi-material polishing, tunable selectivity and low defects.