Tungsten W2000

Semi-SperseTM W2000 Tungsten Slurry

Production Proven. Industry Preferred.

Semi-Sperse W2000 Series is the industry benchmark for tungsten cmp. This production-proven, selective tungsten slurry is a high-purity slurry based on fumed silica and hydrogen peroxide technology.

Tungsten Slurry

A Safeguard for Your Success.

As the industry standard for tungsten slurry performance, Semi-Sperse W2000 delivers outstanding process reliability, consistency and supply assurance. You’ll discover these same performance benchmarks throughout our extensive portfolio of tungsten slurry offerings, from best-in-class W2000 to more advanced tungsten solutions designed for leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing.

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Trusted for Over 200 Million Liters

Cabot Microelectronics trusted for over 200 million liters of Semi-Sperse W2000 tungsten slurry provided to the semiconductor industry. We’ve reached this significant milestone because of our customers’ confidence in CMC as the industry leader in tungsten polishing solutions.


Improvement in Product Yield

Orange_Product_Arrow2 Specially formulated high-purity slurry to achieve lower defectivity and excellent cleanability resulting in better product yield.

Lower Cost-of-Ownership

Orange_Product_Arrow2 Formulated as a 2x concentrated slurry to reduce shipping and handling cost and to achieve lower point-of-use cost.

Ease of Use

Orange_Product_Arrow2 Colloidally stable formulation that is easy to mix, filter and handle.