Consumable Sets

Better Together. Consumable Sets.

Performance differentiated CMC slurry + CMC pad consumable sets.


As the world’s leading supplier of CMP polishing slurries and second largest pads supplier, our customers have access to a broad range of world-class CMP solutions. Our broad product portfolio enables us to better serve the needs of our customers, including the delivery of performance differentiated slurry and pad consumable sets. Cabot Microelectronics’ consumable sets offer customers improved performance and lower cost of ownership solutions. Our consumable sets provide better cost of ownership, longer pad life, and improved Planarization Efficiency (PE) and defectivity over the industry standard.

Cabot Microelectronics’ Better Together Offerings

  • D9228 Dielectric Slurry + CMC Pad Technology

  • Tungsten Slurries + CMC Pad Technology

  • C8900 Series Copper Slurries + CMC pad technology

Contact us to learn how these and other Cabot Microelectronics’ slurries and pads complement each other to provide a Better Together offering.

Orange_Product_ArrowDielectric, Tungsten and Copper slurries that are  compatible with our pad technology, including Epic™ CS120 and NexPlanar® E6088 pads.

Orange_Product_ArrowConsumable Sets provide better cost of ownership

Orange_Product_ArrowLonger pad life, improved PE and defectivity over industry standard