Cleaning Up the Environment

Cleaning Up the Environment

Illinois Adopt-A-Highway Program

The Illinois Adopt-A-Highway (AAH) program brings citizen volunteers into partnerships with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) to pick up trash and keep our roadsides clean. The program also educates and encourages people to stop littering. Through the cleanup efforts of more than 10,000 Adopt-A-Highway volunteers throughout Illinois, visitors and tourists have a better first impression of our state.

CMC Adopt A HighwayCabot Microelectronics employees are among the 10,000 volunteers who participate in this program. CMC is assigned a two-mile section of highway and has been participating for over five years. As a volunteer organization, CMC agrees to remove litter from our section of highway at least three times each year. The three Aurora facilities alternate volunteer times throughout the course of the year. Each facility has the opportunity to participate in this program at least once a year and has consistently accomplished the successful goal of doing our part to keep Illinois clean and improve environmental awareness.

E-Act-Fair2Annual Aurora Campus E-Act Fair

Cabot Microelectronics is committed to conducting its business operations in a manner that preserves the environment, which includes minimizing waste, conserving energy and preventing pollution.  To help support this initiative, we conduct an annual environmental action fair – E-Act Fair – to continually provide awareness to our employees on how they can sustain this level of commitment at work, as well as at home.

Each year with the help of many surrounding vendors employees engage in informational booths, learn about new environmentally safe products and recycle materials such as batteries, electronics, CFL lightbulbs, prescription glasses, bicycles and more. This year’s June 2015 E-Act Fair was our largest yet with 27 Vendors.

Cleaning Up the Environment

Cabot Microelecgtronics employees in Japan include their families in helping to pick up trash from the neighborhood industrial park. Keeping the community clean is an important part in taking pride in our communities.

Clean Sweap

On May 21, 2011, three members of QED Technologies’ Green Team participated in the City of Rochester’s annual Clean Sweep program. As part of this year’s Clean Sweep initiative, 3,000 volunteers collected more than 100 tons of litter and debris and participated in more than 100 beautification projects across the city.

As part of the Clean Sweep initiative and to complete a goal established by the QED Green Team for FY11, Ralph Scialo, Cathy Quinn and Karen Marsh volunteered to help clean up a veteran’s memorial flower garden. The half-day project included weeding the overgrown plot, carrying and spreading mulch and planting new flowers in the garden and containers along the street.