EHS Vision

Support_Global_3x3CMC’s EHS Vision

Several years ago the focus was on being compliant with the global environmental and safety regulations, while continually striving for incremental year-over-year improvements in both waste stream reductions and injury rates. Sustainability was in its infancy and only the extremely large corporations were able to jump in and set the foundation as we know of it today. While we still must maintain compliance, best-in-class operations achieve step-change improvements and strive for both customer and third-party recognition. There are several globally recognized certifications and other client awards one might attain (e.g., ISO 14001, ISO 18001, OSHA VPP, vendor of the year awards, etc.). but for the most part, companies tend to focus on the moment and not always the next step of the global plan. As we turn the corner, after successfully achieving numerous third-party certifications and customer recognition, CMC will continue to lead the way within our industry classification by strengthening our existing programs and expanding our global certification strategy.  The current success has provided CMC with the opportunity to market our certifications and robust SH&E global program success as a differentiator with our customers.

However, the future is obvious, and five years from now sustainability will be a key driver in the environmental, health and safety arena. The global economy is driving harmonization of standards (e.g., REACH, GHS, etc.) and best-in-class organizations will be expected to have performance well beyond compliance. CMC will need a fully integrated system that is proactive and responsive to our employees and transparent to our customers and communities.

We will be ready for these changes and continue to grow safely while protecting the global environment as best as we can. CMC is committed to employee safety and protecting the environment.



David H. Li
President and Chief Executive Officer