Emergency Assistance

Emergency Assistance

CHEMTREC 24 Emergency Number

CHEMTREC is a 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week emergency service that can be accessed in the event of an emergency situation involving a Cabot Microelectronics product, such as a highway spill incident. CHEMTREC will provide emergency information if such an incident were to occur.

CHEMTREC Emergency Numbers:


Phone Number

China 4001.204937
France 33.975181407
German 0800.181.7059
Hungary 36.18088425
Israel 972.37630639
Italy 800.789.767
Japan 81.345209637
Malaysia 1.800.815.308
Mexico 01.800.681.9531
Netherlands 31.858880596
Russia 8.800.100.6346
Saudi Arabia 966.8111095861
South Korea 82.070.7686.0086
Sweden 46.852503403
Taiwan 00801.14.8954
Turkey 90.212.7055340
United States 1.800.424.9300
International 1.703.527.3887

CMC Technical Support

In the event of an emergency where technical assistance is required in addition to the support provided by CHEMTREC, you can contact a CMC representative by calling: 1-800-811-2756.

The operator will be able to transfer your request for information or assistance to the appropriate customer service advocate or environmental and safety specialist.