Health and Safety Performance

Health and Safety Performance

Continuous Improvement Efforts

Since 2005, Cabot Microelectronics Corporation has focused on a simpler approach for driving continuous safety performance. Using a global management system approach with the adoption of the ISO 18001/14001 management systems, the strategy is to focus all efforts on injury prevention and compliance assurance.


In 2008, the safety triangle expanded to include environmental protection with focus not only on management systems but also waste elimination (reuse, reduce, recycle) and energy reduction.

Twenty EHS elements were launched globally to ensure consistency among all global sites with a compliance assurance program that drives validation audits of program elements to ensure long-term control.

Key Performance Indicators

CMC focuses on leading indicators to ensure programs and activities are successful. Results from routine safety inspections, validation audits and internal regulatory compliance audits are a few mechanisms that are utilized to monitor progress. Trending of data from near-miss reporting, safety observations and incident investigation reports ensures that existing programs are effective and identifies where new programs are needed.

Employee involvement is a key to the overall success of our safety and health program. Without our employees’ full support and active leadership, sustainability of the safety and health program cannot be achieved. EHS results continue to illustrate favorability in both leading and lagging indicators. In 2010, injuries were reduced by 29% by driving safety awareness through injury prevention programs like SafeStart, employee involvement and a global ergonomic improvement process utilizing a Six Sigma approach. Improvement opportunities are identified and Six Sigma tools are utilized to measure and analyze the areas of concern so that improvement actions can be implemented and controlled.