NexPlanar Pad Technologies


NexPlanar® CMP Polishing Pad Technology Breakthroughs

Cabot Microelectronics Corporation’s NexPlanar® line of polishing pads provide a wide range of features, making them a good fit for both leading edge and legacy CMP applications.

Proprietary, high performance pad formulations

Polyurethane thermoset polymer

Stable thermal and mechanical properties

Robust resistance to wear and to CMP chemical environments

In-situ formed grooves

Orange_Product_ArrowHighly uniform groove dimensions within each pad

Orange_Product_ArrowPad-to-pad consistency

Orange_Product_ArrowGreater usable groove depth with very smooth surfaces

Orange_Product_ArrowFewer defects and micro-scratches

Manufacturing Excellence

Orange_Product_ArrowManufactured using our proprietary molding process

Orange_Product_ArrowAutomotive level quality system

Orange_Product_ArrowContinuous improvement applied to each manufacturing step

Experience the State of CMP Art

If you are interested in maximizing yield and process robustness, while enjoying lower overall costs, let us know. We will show you why our NexPlanar CMP polishing pads should be a crucial component of your CMP strategies—now and in the future.